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Fire Sprinklers at Work (Spring 2011 Edition)



Bowling Alley
Mount Pleasant

South Shore firefighters responded to a call about a fire at the Paradise Lanes Bowling alley.  The fire started behind the bowling lanes near the mechanical area in the corner of the building.

South Shore Fire Chief Bill Bouma told the Racine Journal Times “the bowling alley could have been completely burned to the ground if the building hadn’t had a sprinkler system.”

The bowling alley was open for business just two days after the fire. Chief Bouma said that the sprinkler system and firefighters probably prevented a $2 million loss.

Racine Journal Times


Trucking Company
Oak Creek

Oak Creek firefighters responded to a call regarding smoke in the building of the Kenworth Truck Company. Upon arrival, firefighters found heavy smoke in the building. A semi truck caught fire in one of the bay areas, which caused the fire sprinkler system to activate and contain the fire. Firefighters extinguished the rest of the fire. “There were a number of trucks in the building as all of the bays were full and the origin of the fire was within three feet of a tank storage locker,” said Assistant Chief Tom Rosandich. “This situation could have been a million-dollar fire.”

Assistant Chief Tom Rosandich
Oak Creek Fire Department




Antigo Fire Chief Jon Petroskey credited a fire sprinkler system for stopping a fire from spreading at Dejno’s Inc.

The fire started when a semi backed into a loading dock. The fire then spread to the building.  Chief Petrosky told WSAW News, “The sprinkler system was key in keeping the fire from getting out of control.”

The fire sprinkler system was installed when the factory was rebuilt in the early 1990s after a fire caused the building to burn down.

Dejno’s turns logs into sawdust, making products such as animal bedding and fuel for pellet stoves.

There were no injuries.

WSAW NewsChannel 7



Sharon Fire and Rescue personnel were dispatched for an automatic fire alarm at the Prairie Landings Apartment complex. Dispatchers informed responders that there was a fire and the building was being evacuated. Assistant Chief Rambatt arrived on the scene. Upon his investigation he found that oil on the stove of a third-floor apartment unit caught fire extending to the wall, which activated the sprinkler system and extinguished the fire.

According to the Sharon Fire and Rescue and the building owner, it was clear that the sprinkler system performed as designed and prevented a much greater fire from occurring. The sprinkler system activated and did what it was supposed to do.

No injuries were reported.

Ahern Fire Protection and
Sharon Fire and Rescue


High-Rise Apartment Building
Eau Claire

Eau Claire firefighters responded to a fire in an apartment at the eight-story Park Towers high-rise apartment building. When crews arrived, the fourth floor was charged with smoke and alarms were sounding. Attack crews entered the apartment and rescued a gentleman that was still in the unit.

Two fire sprinklers activated and kept a bedroom fire in check until crews could extinguish the fire completely. The sprinklers were quickly shut off and damage was confined to the apartment in question.

There was minor water damage.

Edward A. Kassing
Fire Chief
Eau Claire Fire Department


Wausau firefighters were called to the La Quinta Inn for a reported explosion. Wausau Fire Chief Gary Buchberger told WSAW News that flames were coming from a window in one of the rooms. The sprinkler system had activated, helping to keep the fire from spreading.

There were no injuries.



West Bend

On April 1, 2011, the West Bend Fire Department was dispatched to a sprinkler system water flow alarm. When firefighters arrived on the scene they found a smoke-filled apartment. Interior crews reported water flowing from a single sprinkler. A small fire was found on top of the stove. The small fire was extinguished with less than 20 gallons of water by the fire department. Fire damage was confined to the stove top, cabinets in the immediate vicinity, and the wall behind the stove. Smoke and water was confined to the apartment.

An investigation determined a stove top switch was unintentionally turned to the “simmer” position while placing moving boxes on the top of the stove. The single sprinkler that activated contained the fire until firefighters arrived on the scene.

This building was a new 24-unit multifamily residence that replaced an older 24-unit structure that was destroyed by fire on April 2, 2010. That fire was started by candles in a single unit. High-wind conditions caused the fire to spread quickly.

In the more recent fire, there was complete fire sprinkler coverage in the new building, along with newer construction techniques, worked harmoniously to contain the fire to protect lives and property.

None of the adjacent units had any fire or smoke damage and tenants were allowed to return to their residences within an hour of the initial alarm.

The response to the fire this year was 48 minutes compared to eight hours the previous year.

The building’s estimated value is more than $1,200,000. Damages were estimated at less than $10,000.

Fire Prevention Bureau,
West Bend Fire Department

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