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Notes from NFSA Regional Manager Bob Kleinheinz

Robert Kleinheinz, NFSA North Central Regional Manager

It is hard to ignore how terrible the winter season had been here in Wisconsin with the number of tragic fires we’ve experienced. Tragic fires seemed like they were part of the daily news throughout the state with a number of them being fatal. Many resulted in a loss of taxable income properties. Fires like these impact communities in a horrific way.

Along with the serious fires however, there were a number of successful fire sprinkler activations. From commercial buildings to hotels and apartment buildings, fire sprinklers played an important role in saving countless lives and reducing property damage. You can view many of these sprinkler saves on the Wisconsin Chapter of the National Fire Sprinkler Association website and the most current saves in this e-newsletter.

As we look back at the sprinkler save stories, we need to understand just how the future might be shaped in the state with the introduction of the Min/Max Bill LRB-1307/1, which was presented over the winter. If approved, the bill will halt local jurisdictions across the state from enacting stricter sprinkler ordinances that protect the people who live, work and play in their communities.

Members of the fire service, whose lives are at risk whenever they respond to a fire in a building not protected with an automatic fire sprinkler system, are encouraged to stay on top of the situation.This can be done by checking in with the Wisconsin State Fire Chiefs’ Association and Wisconsin State Fire Inspectors Association, both of which are hard at work getting the word out that this bill provides for a less safe fire situation and details on how you can get your voice heard.

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