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New Delton Fire Station & Training Tower Include Fire Sprinklers

The newly built Delton Fire Station contains fire sprinklers to protect firefighters.

The Delton Fire Department’s newly built fire station recently opened with an array of features that will surely benefit the efficiency of daily operations, training, and the fire and EMT officials themselves — one of those prominent features being fire sprinklers.

Construction of the new 34,000-square-foot station began in February 2013 and was completed by September. The station is fully sprinklered, including the five-story training tower. Having fire sprinklers means that fire and EMT staff will be protected from fire and so will the apparatus bay, fitness room, bunk rooms, kitchen, meeting room, and fire service history room that has a 1926 Knot fire truck on display.

The Delton Fire Department's training tower contains fire sprinklers to aid firefighters with inspections and training.

On a daily basis, five to seven fire and EMS staff are present in the station, but there are also Village of Lake Delton employees, SWAT and police officials, public works officials and other local government organizations that make occasional use of the multiuse facility.

“It is vitally important to have a fire sprinkler and fire alarm system to protect our equipment and the people who work out of this facility,” says Darren Jorgenson, who is the Delton fire chief and Lake Delton emergency management director. “Our old fire station did not have a fire sprinkler or fire alarm system and we had fires there. Luckily, someone who happened to be at the station caught the fires early. Many fire stations have burned down and the resulting loss of fire trucks and equipment can be devastating to a community. Now that we are protected by a fire sprinkler system, we are in a much better position to protect the community by protecting our assets.”

Perhaps the best feature of the new station is the five-story training tower, which is equipped with a standpipe and fire sprinklers. It is a true advancement in the department’s training capabilities and allows firefighters to practice high-rise firefighting techniques, which is vital since the fire department covers areas containing many multiple-story hotels in the Wisconsin Dells area. Prior to the new station and tower being built, firefighters used an old hotel’s exterior stairwell once or twice a year during slower times in the tourist season, but it was far from ideal. By having the standpipe and fire sprinklers in the training tower, it allows firefighters —both seasoned and rookies alike — the regular opportunity to work with and inspect them. The fire sprinklers are designed to be manually activated so firefighters can experience the water flows and get accustomed to working with an activated fire sprinkler.

According to Jorgenson, the fire department strives to lead by the example it sets. The new facility not only demonstrates to the community what a safe building should be but it is also very functional for the fire and EMS departments.

One last interesting safety feature is that the cooking appliances in the station’s kitchen are tied into the communications/dispatch center. They can be turned off if there is a fire or rescue call to reduce the chance of everyone leaving without turning off a stove or fryer. Even so, the fire sprinkler system will still be ready in case of a fire.

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