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Fire Sprinkler System Prevents Repeat of Major Fire at Madison Apartment Complex

Courtesy of City of Madison Fire Department press release:

Extensive damage caused by fire at an unsprinklered Glacier Hills apartment building in 2007.

On July 14, 2007, a fire caused $3.5 million damage to a 41-unit building in the Glacier Hills apartment complex in the City of Madison. The building was a total loss, all of the residents were displaced and one firefighter suffered a hand injury. Fire investigators concluded the fire was caused by discarded smoking materials. The building was not protected by an automatic fire sprinkler system at the time of the fire.

Minimal smoke damage on the roof from a fire on the second-floor balcony at the now fire-sprinkler-retrofitted Glacier Hills apartment building in 2014.

Following the fire, the building was rebuilt and an automatic fire sprinkler system was installed throughout.

On January 18, 2014, Madison firefighters responded to a fire in the same 41-unit building in the Glacier Hills Apartment complex. When firefighters arrived, they found a small fire on the second-story balcony that was extinguished by a single sprinkler designed to protect the balcony. The fire caused cosmetic damage to the exterior of the building. The fire was the result of improperly discarded smoking materials that ignited a real Christmas tree on the balcony.

This time, no one was injured by the fire and all occupants were able to return to their apartments.

This is a perfect example of how fire sprinkler systems limit damage and most importantly, save lives. A sprinkler activated, which triggered the building’s fire alarm system, notifying residents to evacuate.

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