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A Final Message from Outgoing Regional Manager, Dan Gengler

nfsa-genglerMany already know that my 16-year tenure as National Fire Sprinkler Association (NFSA) Regional Manager for the State of Wisconsin has closed. It has been a pleasure to serve the great state, including Illinois and Minnesota. Marty King will now be taking the lead as your NFSA representative. Marty is an action-oriented person that will provide quality service and representation to the fire sprinkler industry.

I want to thank all the wonderful members of the fire service and sprinkler industry I have had the pleasure of meeting over these years. You have welcomed me and my wife, Mary, with your personalities and assistance. I feel we have experienced some victories yet some failures. I relish the former and apologize for the latter. You all know my passion for fire safety and my belief that our message offers the best opportunity to survive. We just need to educate more people.

If not for the members of the fire sprinkler industry, the Wisconsin Alliance for Fire Safety (WAFS) would not have been established and over the twenty-four year existence of the organization, lives have been saved, changed and prospered by your influence. Speaking for the WAFS, the camp for burn-injured children and excellent fire safety education programs started and extended throughout Wisconsin and 15 other states are but just a few more program victories we can share. The 1989 Burn Center Golf Invitational was my introduction to the integrity and generosity of the fire sprinkler industry. That exposure made it easy to move from the fire service into an organization for which I never had to apologize to be a proud member.

A number of you heard my remarks at the March chapter or Area 1 Inspectors meetings. I firmly believe in the product and service reliability of automatic fire sprinklers. Like the other regional managers, we sell the concept. We sell the fact that quality design coupled with competent installation and systematic educated inspection, testing and maintenance of fire sprinkler systems will provide our homes and businesses with a feature that could mean everything when that unwanted fire presents its ugly challenge.

As I closed at those meetings, I close here with this proposal: for every contract signed, layout the sprinkler system, install it and maintain it as if it is your house, and at some unknown time in the future, a fire starts while your family sleeps. Will all your systems perform? I think “yes” as the integrity I have witnessed tells me they will. I am sure our paths will cross somewhere but until then and after, God bless you all and do it for the right that it is.


Dan Gengler

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