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Fire Sprinklers At Work (Winter 2017 Edition)

December 2017

Multi-Family Residential Building

At approx. 7p.m. on December 19, 2017, the Fitchburg Fire Department was called to a multi-family residential building on Williamsburg Way for the report of an extinguished fire.

Upon arrival, firefighters found an activated sprinkler system in the kitchen of a unit. The fire was controlled by the sprinkler. Firefighters confirmed extinguishment and controlled hot spots.

Firefighters shut off the sprinkler system. A sprinkler company was contacted to service the system and building management was involved throughout this process.

The building houses more than 24 units. Only two units were displaced- the apartment that had the fire and the unit immediately below it, which had water damage. However all others were allowed to return to their homes.

No firefighters were injured during this incident.

– Fitchburg Fire Department

November 2017

Kenosha Commons Apartment Complex

The Kenosha Fire Department received a call about a fire at the Kenosha Commons Apartment Complex around 1p.m. The fire was in a dryer. The fire eventually broke out of the dryer and began to spread, activating a sprinkler that suppressed the flames. The residents in the apartment evacuated with no injuries. The department evacuated multiple tenant, some who had mobility issues. There were no injuries.

– Kenosha News


City of Madison
Straubel Street Apartments

The City of Madison Fire Department reported that a sprinkler system contained a fire in the Straubel Street Apartments earlier this week. Originally dispatched to investigate an alarm, firefighters soon learned there might be a fire underway on Straubel Street when a resident reported to Dane County Public Safety Communications that there was smoke in the building. Upon arrival, firefighters narrowed it to one apartment where activated sprinklers were keeping a fire in check.

Firefighters extinguished all remaining fire and checked for extension in the drywall. Nobody was home at the time of the incident, and the fire is still under investigation.

October 2017

Fire at Apartment Building Home to Many Elderly and Disabled

Firefighters responded to a report of a fire on the second floor of the Parkside Commons Apartment building at 1400 W. Custer Avenue in Glendale.

Upon arrival, firefighters reported that smoke was coming from the second floor. Crews then located the fire coming from an apartment. Residents were already evacuating when the fire crew arrived. The fire department noticed a number of the residents required assistance. Many were elderly or disabled.

A sprinkler system activated already putting out most of the fire, so firefighters were able to quickly bring it under control. The fire was contained to the second floor. There was moderate smoke damage to some areas such as stairways.

The fire remains under investigation. It is not determined to be suspicious or intentionally-set fire.

– 58 WDJT-Milwaukee


Fire at Assisted Living Complex

The Tomah Fire Department was dispatched shortly before 7 p.m. to an assisted living facility. Upon arrival, the staff was safely evacuating tenants from the building. Firefighters saw that a fire was located inside a bedroom which was contained by a fire sprinkler system. The building owner thought the residents would be able to move back into the rooms within a week. The cause is under investigation. There were no reported injuries.

– The Tomah Journal

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