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Reducing Risk: Water Supply & Fire Department Access

(Appeared in June 2017 issue of The Dispatcher) There have been some recent questions and confusion regarding fire flow calculations for water supply. Fire flow calculations are made to assure there is enough available water for firefighting at specific structures. While there are five separate mathematical formulas to estimate the amount of water needed,...
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Get Involved in the Plan Review Process

(Appeared in April 2017 issue of The Dispatcher) Many changes arrive with the month of April. We begin with the promise of another spring and hope that winter does not make an appearance again. Generally, there are the spring elections that bring possible new players to the political scene in municipalities, schools, courts, and...
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Plan for the Future

(Appeared in March 2017 issue of The Dispatcher) The adage, “Proper planning prevents poor performance,” applies to work and personal life. Planning assures we have the tools to succeed. Without planning we cannot be prepared for the future. So, what have you done to prepare yourself for the future? What have you done to...
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Why Fire Sprinklers?

(Appeared in October 2016 issue of The Dispatcher) I am often asked, “Why install fire sprinklers in buildings?” When I was the assistant chief of the fire prevention bureau, I would answer the question from business owners with, “Fire sprinklers protect property.” I had seen firsthand the effect of fire on a business –...
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A Message from New State Coordinator, Marty King

Upon the recent departure of Dan Gengler, former West Allis fire official Marty King has taken over as state coordinator of the Wisconsin Chapter of the National Fire Sprinkler Association. Below is an introduction from Marty: I have been part of the fire service since 1979. I started with the Stone Bank Volunteer Fire...
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